Participants in our training programme are offered an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience of the course.  We use these evaluations to continually improve our content.  We also assess all evaluations and can make suggestions to organisations on areas for further training arising from this.

What our participants have said:

“This knowledge gained in this training will encourage us to put policies and procedures in place to ensure a non-racist services based on equality for all members of our organisation.”

“I learned a lot about my personal perceptions and those of my colleagues.  The course helped to clear up a lot of myths and also gave me a clearer understanding of different groups in our society.”

“I found the Tutor to be excellent and helpful.  She explained things in a simple way, which made it easier to follow and understand.”

“I found this course to be very enjoyable and educational.  We had a great class and the tutor was excellent.  She encouraged us to be open and honest.  We had some great debates and learned a lot about each other and society in general.”

“A very interesting course.  The Tutor created an environment where it was easy and safe to discuss difficult topics.”

“The course was very interesting and very informative.”

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